Node-red executable .exe for windows that runs in the background

Hi everyone, I work with systems integration and I'm developing an executable version of node-red using electron for windows, with all industrial automation packages already installed.
I've been using it in production for some time and it works great for environments that don't have internet access and it runs in the background on windows.
Follow the project link on github with a version already compiled just run and use.


That's very nice. I especially like the idea with the tray interface...

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Great work, my only comment would be that aedes broker has not been seen to be overly robust and has been see to drag down flows. An external broker is usually a preferred option in a more critical environment, but I can see why you have done it for a simple click and go.

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Thanks for the comment, really aedes broker is not ideal for the production environment but it helps a lot during equipment integration tests because it is simple to use.

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