How to package node-red project into an executable file? [SOLVED]

I want to package my Node-RED flow deployment into an executable file so whenever the executable file is run then the flow should be deployed. How can this be achieved?

It isn't clear exactly what you want to do.

Do you want the whole of Node-RED and your settings and flow deployed when you run the executable? Or do you want to simply deploy the flow to an existing installation?

Either is possible via a self-extracting archive. Or you could create an npm package that would be installable via npm if you knew that Node.JS was already installed on your target device.

The first one. I want just one single executable file and if I give that file to anyone (windows user) then they should be able to run the executable file and in result they should be getting the ui dashboard result. so in the backend, the executable file will install teh Node-RED and the settings and deploy the defined flow.
Do you know how this can be achieved?

I have found the solution.
Electron-node-red is the solution