Packing Node-RED as executable file?

Hi I was wondering if someone could help me finding a way to pack nodered as a exe file. Any thoughts and suggestions?

have you tried a search of the forum using 'node-red executable'?

If you would consider docker then there are Node-RED docker images available on docker hub.

see also

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There is (or was at least) a build for node-red that packaged it in Electron - not sure if it is still current. But that would likely be the best option.


The latest one I've found uses node-red 2
This are some I have
Electron-node-red still exploring it but has much potential, it seems to be a tool builder, not sure how to customize it because I'm trying to work through WSL and I need to fix more than I can chew.
Then there is nodered-portable, I liked this one, it's download and execute, unpacked and... even you can acces many files it can't install new palletes and uses v2.1.3. I would like to dig more into electron and try to update it.
Meanwhile, there is node-red-desktop from sakazuki on github (sorry i can only use 2 url as new user, search on github) same as last one, nodered is outdated but can install new palettes, but I think that part may be broken. The files are "accesible" but you can't do much.
And there I am right now, I would like to see tauri examples, maybe some kubernetes magic or in general, see more updates to those repos, seems like a fun experiment but for some reasons it doesn't stuck, I'll keep researching and trying. For me WSL/Docker it's a great compromise for desktop automation, but I understand node-red is hitting hard on home/work automation with dedicated hardware and full os integration.

Also, since this it's going to be a top search in node-red as executable I'll link some post dedicated to that

Create node-red flow into Executable package format Don't solve the executable part, but talk a bit about how to pass data for other applications

How to package node-red project into an executable file? [SOLVED] This thread is quite old but have a couple of solutions, first one electron and the other one an alternative for installing multiple instances and data sharing... it's not exactly an exectuable but have some recipes to use node-red inside electron.

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Can I package whole nodered project using pkg node? This one come from the previous one, quite interesting.

Developing node-red standalone applications (Extra unanted user dir creation on app execution) This one I don't totally get seems you can embed node-red into other applications, maybe you already have a tauri project for example and can use node-red from inside, good to know.

Is it possible to make Node-RED into a windows portable app This one have a couple of years but it showcase that nodered portable might be a solution. Not exactly an exe file of nodered but with some tinkering...

And... I've scrolled to far. The topic of nodered installer have come many times, it's quite interesting and I'll keep looking into it, any news please let me know.

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Sorry on the late reply. I was holidaying. Anyways I will try the above suggested methods and will get back.

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