Packaging exe file possible?

can flows can be converted into .exe file or standalone file , how should i deploy in customer place ? by downloading nodejs and nodered

i know its silly to ask , but am a beginner ,

thanks in advance

There are some topics on this Search results for 'node-red ".exe" electron order:latest' - Node-RED Forum

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There are multiple ways to package node.js applications as executables. And, as E1cid has pointed out, at least one example which I think is still being updated?

Electron is far from being the most efficient beast though so worth looking at its alternatives. I also note that node.js v21 (which is a dev release) contains an experimental native packager.

Here is an alternative to Electron - note that they are saying it won't be developed further because of the expected native version:

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I've found docker containers to solve allot of this.
Create a custom curated container for customer deploys.

Create API to handle talking to devices running node-red and send back to the docker-node-red if needed

Docker is OK if you are operating in an environment that allows it and you have the skills/resources available to manage it. There are many enterprise areas that don't allow it or require it to be managed by Kubernetes. It also carries its own overheads of course. But certainly something to consider.

Just my 2c...

Having been in this domain for a while....

Tools like pkg are no longer fit for purpose to package Node RED into an executable.

I say this here: Converting Node-RED Dashboard to Standalone .exe for Linux - #2 by marcus-j-davies
My original guide is here : Node-RED Standalone Executable - #12 by marcus-j-davies

This is mainly due to the fact that since 3.0, Noode RED is using ES Modules, and pkg simply will not work with with them - including the replacement -> GitHub - yao-pkg/pkg: Package your Node.js project into an executable

which is owned by @robertsLando (who I work with on the ZWave JS Project and others)

Attempts to use ESbuild just gets incredibly frustrating (and troublesome) - and as a beginner, you may find it extremely involved.

I'm not sure what the way is now - It was using pkg which was brilliant before Node RED started to use got (an ES Module)