How can i package a node-red app/flow in a .exe file

Hi everyone.
I state that I am new to programming, and to node red.
I made a small application to read data from an omron plc (using fins) and write it to a csv file.
I wanted to ask you, if it was possible to package an app / flows in a flie exe using npm pkg.
This is because the app will be installed on the PC of a factory that is connected to the plc.
and in that computer I didn't want to install nodejs and I wanted to make it easy for the workers to use.
I've already seen a topic of someone using pkg and alternate-node-red-installer by TotallyInformation. I followed all the steps described but failed. i create the exe file and when i run it, nothing happens.
I've also seen electron-node-red but it's complicated for my level.

Try Node-RED Desktop | Desktop applicaiton of Node-RED. You can get a quick and easy powerful tool. and see if that does what you need

That doesn't create a packaged version of Node-RED, it helps install the standard version in a local folder structure instead of globally.

To package node-red as an application, you need the electron version or similar as Simon has indicated.

However, you could also create an npm installable package that included node-red, a pre-configured userDir folder (which is where all the settings and flow details reside). That can easily be done and pushed, say, to a private repository on GitHub and installed on any PC that has node.js installed on it.

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