Package my Node-Red application with PKG/NEXE or similar

I have developed an application, which handles data flow and updates a dashboard so that users can see what is going on. Everything works well, but now I need to deploy this to various clients.

I specifically do not want users to see or edit the code, I only want to show them the dashboard. For this reason I don't want to use Electron to package the app.

I'm trying to use either PKG or NEXE to package this application, but they are focussed on Node.JS and I'm not sure how to make them work with Node-RED.

I did come accross this post, which claims to have solved the problem:

But I can't replicate this. The project seems to compile just fine, but when running it in either linux or windows, it just silently closes without notice.

How did you deploy your nodered?
As I mentioned, I deploy the nodered using the offline-installer of @TotallyInformation (you may search about this).
It is a totally independent nodered projects (like a nodejs project).
From there, I used the pkg to compile it in .exe.

Ah. Are you referring to this: ?

Yes. that was it.

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