Deploy a nodeRED project

Node-RED is a great modeling tool, but how would a fully modeled solution with all the required settings and parts/nodes/flows/etc to be distributed to other users? This should then also include a simple installation process.

Hi @gNeandr

it depends on what it is your delivering.

  • Are you delivering a Product or flows that users can use/alter?
  • Do you want to protect the 'inner workings'

In work, I tend to 'package' my projects into single file executables with the help of pkg

Discussed here:

it packages up the Node JS runtime and Node RED into a single file - that can then be launched.
Node JS / Node RED will not need to be installed on the users computer.

There is also the electron approach - that achieves the same thing - bonus is, its by our very own @dceejay

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