Create node-red flow into Executable package format

I am trying to pass some value from my own application and try to get output from node-red. How can i add instance in my application

Hi - I’ve moved this to #general from #development as it isn’t about developing Node-RED.

Node-RED is node.js based. So unless your application is also node.js based then you’ll have to run node-red as an external process and communicate via some means such as TCP/HTTP/MQTT connection.

But without more details on what you want to do, its hard to be any more specific

i am trying to create a node-red particular flow package that can be execute any platform like my application is java based, then, i include that package in my application, then i pass value to node-red flow, then i retrieve response from node-red.

is it possible?

If it is possible, which links i will refer?

Its possible - but like I said, you’ll have to manage running the node-red runtime as an external process and use whatever mechanism you want to pass data in/out. There is no concept of creating a single .exe file you can just run.

Thanks for your response.
can you sent some links for reference.

Sorry, I don’t know of any links that would help you here.

Here are talking about nodered as a standalone application, # Packing Node-RED as executable file?
Electron might be a possibility, but will be a full node-red and node.js capable application, therefor not light, but could have many flows integrated represented as endpoints and you just will need to make http request from the java application.

If it works or you find a better solution please let me know.

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