Node-RED feature wish list

  1. A combined change and switch node would make many flows much simpler and neater (if input = x then send value y to output 1. If input = x2, then send value y2 to output 2)

  2. When importing flows, I often get a message stating that certain node types missing. Would be great to have the option to simply “accept” automatic installation of the listed nodes.

  3. Automatically enable/disable flows (set flowID.[flowID] = enable/disable to enable or disable an entire flow). Like you can with Home Assistant automations. This would be a lot easier than setting a lot of variables in each flow to be able to stop them. For example: I have made an alarm flow with all my sensors, but I only want to trigger the alarm when I’m not home. Right now I use true/false variable and a switch node in every sequence with every sensor to prevent the sequences from running when I’m not home.

  4. Easier manual backup and restore of flows AND nodes. Would love to be able to download everything easily from the UI, so I can can just make a fresh install or spin up a new Node-RED docker container and restore all nodes, settings, configuration and flows from one single backup file. In the perfect world, there would even be a setting for (automatic) backups to Google Drive etc. (Basically everything the Home Assistant google drive add-on does, when you are running Node-RED in Home Assistant, but for everyone not using Home Assistant)

  5. Visual representation of flows on flows.nodered (render image based on the json) like I have done manually with all my flows (example: Single button deCONZ dimmer (subflow) (flow) - Node-RED)
    OR at least an easier way of adding images to flows on (drag n drop or simple upload option).

The (usual) design principle of a node (as I see it) is to be fairly atomic in that each node does "one thing" and "does it well". There have been previous discussions around this subject matter on the forum (though I cant find it right now)

Yes, that would be nice, however I believe the issue would be when there are multiple same type nodes (e.g. MSSQL has 2 or more clones in the flow library). Additionally, the node-type in the flow file doesnt include the parent node-red-contrib-xxx info. Not saying its impossible, but would need some thought and priority.

Have you tried the projects feature?

That is already easy. Since the nodes are defined in <userDir>/package.json - all you need to do is to backup your userDir excluding the node_modules folder. On restore, run npm install in the userDir folder.

Well, Node-RED is a lot more flexible than Home Assistant. Where would Node-RED back up to? There are hundreds of possibilities. Maybe thousands of combinations.

However, maybe a node that did some kind of backup would be good. Specifying the target as a folder (though that might exclude it from being used on the IBM cloud where you don't get a proper filing system), and a schedule. Effectively a node.js version of the backup shell scripts I've shared previously. That would certainly have the advantage of being cross-platform.

Maybe that could then be extended to be able to use a selection of popular cloud storage locations.

Hmm, thinking further - would be nice to have a script (cross-platform node.js) installed that runs an npm install on the userDir. Make it easier for people who have limited command-line knowledge. The only issue is how to make that script find the correct userDir folder since you can have multiple instances of Node-RED all using different folders. You would probably have to pass the folder name as a parameter and would that then really provide much benefit? Not sure it would.

Something I could add to my alternate installer repo though as it would work when you have node-red installed locally rather than globally. Something to think about.

PLEASE PLEASE restore "Crtl + Right Mouse" for the quick search menu - It was THE MOST useful feature and a HUGE time saver.

This new 'Wire Cutter' is a poor substitute in workflow efficiency

Belay my last, found it - It's now on "Crtl + Left Mouse" :partying_face:

It always was on ctrl+left mouse.

In fact, until this release, all actions with the mouse had little care if you used the left or right button.

Focused Search Capabilty?

Is it possible to focus the search selectively:

  • search in current flow only
  • search in flows on tab
  • sesrch in all flows

I didn't know that, I 'found' it on Ctrl+Right. So, never tried any other way. :slight_smile:

"search in current flow only" is already in "to do list"

I have been waiting for some time for it to be implemented...

Please can Flows containing nodes which are missing on the device at least show their default node name. That would make it so much easier to know what node to install in order for the flow to function.

Or even recommend the automatic installation of missing nodes

I will just say that tagging on extra ideas to this thread certainly risks them getting overlooked.

We have items on the backlog that cover a lot of this in various ways.

The main challenge with identifying what module to install for a flow with missing nodes is we simply don't know what module it is. The flow doesn't identify the module, only the type. And it is perfectly possible for a given type to be provided by multiple modules.

So whilst there is certainly improvements to be made, a full auto-install is not a short-term solution.

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