Node-red flask(confused

i used node red and flask
node-red to control a devices
and flask for front-end (with html and css)
i have a troubles to choice a protocol to communicate flask to node-red between( http ,mqtt or there is other suggestion )
it is normal to run two server node-red and flask or this is a bad idea

I am not familiar with Flask, but Node-RED provides its own HMI server, called dashboard.

yes i know but i am not free to making a great dashboard , it is so limit

Have you had a look at node-red-contrib-uibuilder as this gives you all the flexibility to use the frontend framework of your choice.

look at the node-red-contrib-uibuilder - it has all the hooks you need to build one yourself - otherwise yes you are into websockets and cross-site-scripting or mqtt etc

Hi, can you explain what kind of endpoints you have on Flask, and how you serve them? For example, are you routing through @route methods on functions, having a complex setup with MethodViews and factories, or inherited templating through Jinja?
Despite the answers above it's possible to use them together, but it might not be your best option depending on your situation. Can you explain a bit more on my previous questions, and what kind of device control you've set up on Node-RED?

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