🎉 Node-RED Flow Debugger 1.0.0 released

Yes, I'm finding the same.
Within seconds, the debugger sidebar is awash with data entries from my various flows, making it a little difficult to then navigate.

Huh - I thought I implemented that already. But I guess not. I see it does highlight the breakpoint when you hover, just no click action. Added to the list.

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Just a side note then I"m done. I am familiar with Allen Bradley PLC software has a similar Stepping debugging tool in the programming for stepping through the logic scan by scan. It stops all timers since that will trip logic asynchronously and give you false positives. You then must either step or continue. Then your breakpoint is caught again, and then you can inspect your states. I'm trying to explain this, and if I already have please excuse me. It really is a great tool and I appreciate it and all the work that went into it so far.


Installed the Flow Debugger and worked out how to use it in a few minutes, so first test passed :grinning:
Thanks to Nick and all involved

Fabulous software. Not the kind of software that you come across every day. Really cool...

Perhaps this is already part of the existing "edit queue" roadmap item, but just to be sure... Beside editing/shifting/removing messages, it would be nice if cloning and inserting would become possible in a far future. That would simplify testing my new nodes, while I have my code debugger open in the background.

Don't know if it helps you in this instance but have you seen the "inject now" button on the inject node in 2.0.0 beta?

Absolutely. Another feature that I'm going to use a lot :+1:

I fact that new Inject-node feature was my trigger to propose a similar feature for the debugger. When I saw that editing messages was already on the debugger roadmap (which seems not easy to me), I thought: if that would ever become possible, then it is also possible to insert a new msg: create a new empty msg object ´{}´ which can be edited using the same editor...

This way you don't have to start adding inject nodes all over the place, you can simply inject it live wherever you want via the debugger...


You might want to avoid accidentally leaving the debugger turned on overnight - It took a couple of minutes for my dev PC to catch up with itself. :rofl: :rofl:


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