🎉 Node-RED 1.2.5 released

Node-RED 1.2.5 is now available.

A fix in 1.2.4 failed to handle an edge case that wasn't spotted in testing. Thankfully it was spotted very quickly and we've published the fix.

Node-RED 1.2.4 is now available.

Notable fixes include:

  • New Russian locale support
  • Fixes an issue where custom keyboard shortcuts were being overridden unexpectedly
  • Support for displaying bigint types in the Debug sidebar
  • Fixes a memory leak handling node status messages with subflows
  • Large flows should load quicker in the editor due to other performance improvements around status handling.

Ah - very nice.

I see in the code you do toString() on the bigint.
I am curious to know your thoughts on whether the string representation (in the debug output) should include an n (e.g. 123456789n) to signify it was a bigint?

I decided to go with the pragmatic solution to get something working. Given the lack of support for BigInt in JSON, I decided to go with String to preserve the value if the user copy/pastes it.

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I'm getting an error after updating;


I'm not seeing anything in the node-RED log, or the browser console.

But by starting in safe mode, I've narrowed it down to the rbe node - Just add the rbe node to the editor, deploy, and refresh F5.

Node-RED version: v1.2.4
Node.js version: v12.19.1
Linux 4.14

Odd - can't reproduce that here. Can you send me you flows file directly?

It's not a flow, it seems to be just adding the rbe node to the workspace.
Here, I add the rbe node, deploy, and then F5 refresh.

Right - but I can't reproduce that. If you sent me your flows file I'd be able to see what is going on when is being loaded.

OK, just PM'd it.

Node-RED 1.2.5 published with the fix. Sorry for that.

All good now :+1:
Thanks for the quick fix.


I see the Github link still points to 1.2.4

Colin J

Probably because v1.2.4 is the actual update, and the link shows users what changes have been made by that update.
(Whilst v1.2.5 just fixes an edge case in v1.2.4)

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