🎉 Node-RED 2.1.0 released

Node-RED 2.1.0 has been released!

Full details of what's in the release available on the blog - Version 2.1 released : Node-RED

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release and helped test the betas.


Thank you! Great work @knolleary :+1:

There is a bug with the Debug node's "show complete msg" option - it won't let you pick that option. Fixed in git and we'll release 2.1.1 soon.


Thanks Nick. Some new features that I really like include dynamic MQTT and link call node.

Link call node makes function calls easier than before.

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I'm stuggling to work out what the link call node is for.

It is, as I understand it, a bit like a sub-routine.

It means that you can call out to a separate section of flow and have it return back to the same position in the original flow.

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Isn't that what a subflow is for?

A subflow creates a new instance of the contained nodes each time it is used. The call node simply accesses the same instances each time.

The way I'm coming to terms with it is - forget that subflows ever existed in Node-RED

Then, the new link call node just implements simple subroutines or functions or procedures (whatever language works for you :slight_smile: )

Then imagine that subflows have come along as a much more advanced and tool


Thank you Nick. We really appreciate your excellent, clear video description of new features. I know a lot of work goes into condensing down features into an easy to understand video clip like that but I find it invaluable. I watch them every release with an appropriate degree of excitement!


  • flow management and new tab menu is excellent! FYI I think it’s better when sharing flows that tabs cannot be hidden

  • autocomplete message properties. Yes to nodes registering their autocompletes, but a much BIGGER yes to supporting autocomplete of context (especially global context)

  • nice to see debug sidebar getting some love. I have a LOAD of suggestions for how to soup this up further. Hovering over one message when the scroll is paused could grey out all other messages that are not from the same source. You could have a button on each msg in debug that allows you to hide (filter out) all similar messages from that source. Even better, you could have a button on each message that allows you to hide/filter all similar messages AND de-activate the output of the debug node from which it came, without having to go to the relevant flow and lose your place. I’ll explain further: I would use that last one a lot! Often when I’m testing I turn on a few debug nodes then realise I want one or two turned off. It’s a pain clicking on the message source within debug panel and the main view zooms in on the debug node that caused it and I have to turn it off there, then find the flow tab I was working on before… this could be made much more simple

Bravo for the following:

  • link call node looks nice. Basically same as subflows but may end up using this more. I guess it will become personal preference.

  • re-labelling to clarify file in / file out etc. I often got these mixed up


CallLink is a life saver!!! Great work!!! Please keep it up


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Dynamic MQTT topic subscriptions are a great addition. I had to subscribe to '#' for one particular use case before and post filter (well, didn't HAVE to but it was much easier at the time)... but I moved to zwavejs2mqtt in the last few weeks, and its default setup published thousands of topics into MQTT, which caused some major issues.

Being able to essentially make a list of the 100 topics I actually cared about and then passing them in to dynamically subscribe to them to avoid the wild card subscription was a huge benefit at just the right time, thank you!


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