Node Red getting killed in RedHat

Hi All,

I am running NodeRed 0.19.5 instance on RedHat 7.x 64bit with 4 cores and 16 GB RAM.
I am running a flow to fetch data form SAP system using node-rfc connector which calls some BAPIs, processes it and push back to SAP using same connector. What I noticed is when I get more records like load of more than 750KB node-red is killed. and there are no logs on console teling any error because of which it get killed.

Please guide what could be the reason of being killed ? I checked OOMsKiller is on and score of my process is 3. But i don't find any logs in kernel say get killed due to out of memory.

You could try to set more verbose logging

I tried -v option nothing much details. Let me try log level. How we can detect memory leak of flow ?