NodeRED Process Crashing

Hi all.

Having an issue where since migrating from an ubuntu-based node-red instance to a Raspbian-based instance, the node-red process is frequently crashing and (as I am running it as a service) is restarting. Due to the functions of some flows, this is creating a few headaches and I would like assistance troubleshooting please.

I have run node-red-log to capture the events prior to the process restart, and have captured the following:

Can anyone guide me regarding next steps to identify what is killing the process?

As you can see the screenshot only gives us limited information. When posting logs or code it is much better to copy/paste the text here. See this post for details of how to do that - How to share code or flow json.

However it can be seen that the last error comes from an RBE node with the id shown. That suggests that you have configured an RBE node to watch a property currentValue of a message property that does not exist.

That log does not show node-red crashing however.

Update. I have identified OOM_Reaper is killing the process. So I need to try identify what is utilising excess memory. After a restart, I can see that node-red is using only about 2% of a total 8gb ram, so there is either a slow memory leak or something spiking the men use.

Re the logs, I will collect more and copy-paste as suggested. Thanks for the advice.

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