Node-RED google home integration


Is it possible for Nora to check with google which devices were turned on when I deploy a flow?
At the moment everythin is turned off after each deploy.

This sometimes is troublesome, since the node does not send a command to turn off if it is (thinks) off.

So maybe you can add an option in the nodes to also send the on off command if the state is already on/off. With this you wouldnt do a on off after each deploy.


I think you should update the state in the nora nodes on each flow start. Otherwise you will have discrepancies between the real state and the state in google home.

If you use MQTT, you can retain the last state message so when the flow restarts and subscribes it will get the last known state immediately (that is if you also don't restart the broker in the meantime).

The way I do it, my nodes (that represent the real devices) query the real devices and send their state on each startup. This always ensures (regardless of what I restart) that all the states are synced.


thank you for this wonderful nodered contribution. Can you please add me to the testers list. My email is


Hi Guys, Small problem, Had about 6 devices running no problem foe 4 week. Added a seventh today but is didn't show up in device list. So after trying a few thing decided to unlink Nora in the google home app however now it had disappeared from the Works with Google list and I cant put it back. I have try a heap of things but still nothing.


I see you're still added as a Viewer to the project. Have you tried accessing the link I sent you in the PM? (that link enables the action to be visible in your Google Home)


I'm unable to send PM messages to andrei. Maybe I haven't been active enough to be trusted with PM capabilities. My email isxxx


I hate doing this like this, as I think it is highly inefficient and maybe annoying to @andrei-tatar but I have no other way of contacting him with a PM message.... :disappointed:

Can I also be added? stratosgear at google mail com (slightly obfuscated)



Same here PM don't seem to work. Can you please send me the link Thanks


@andrei-tatar Hi I'm unable to send you PM. I don't see an option in your profile. Maybe my account on forum is not fully activated. Can I ask to send me link. My email:


@stratosgear @usenet @Supergiovane check your PM


Dear Andrei, I tried to add Nora account to google home application, but Nora is missing in the list. What I'm doing wrong? Thank you


In order to be able to link NORA to your Google Home, send me a PM with the gmail address you use with your Google Home and I will add it to the "Testers" list.


Hi Andrei
It seems new users or users with no previous posts are not allowed to PM other forum members.
I would be interested in testing NORA as well.
Please add me to the testers list.



Hello andrei-tatar,

Is it possible to use my own Google actions app ?
Because i can't see your [test] NORA but i see my own test app. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot


No. In order to be able to link NORA to your Google Home, send me a PM with the gmail address you use with your Google Home and I will add it to the "Testers" list.

It's not yet certified by Google to be public. It seems it's taking them a while...


I must be too silly but where i can send you a private message in this forum ?


Congratulations, version 1 of node-red-home-automation-82192 was approved, and is now in the process of being deployed to Production!

It seems that the service will go live somewhere around tomorrow :partying_face:


Since the service is now live and publicly available, I removed everyone from the testers list. If you experience any trouble try to unlink and link back the service. If you still have problems, let me know.

The plan going further is to add new devices as there is interest for them and I have time.


Hey andrei-tatar please add to control blinds ... that would be great.

What do you think ... is it possible ?

regards felix


I just noticed that nora throws a socket connection error: user already connected if I try to use one username in two different Node-RED instances. Is there a way to get around this? I would like to use the same google profile to control multiple RPis running in different locations.
Is there any way right now to purge a token already associated to the profile and generate a new one?
Also, is there any change in deployment procedure after the service going live?

P.s. Let me know if you need any logs for debugging.