Node red GUI won't load after update

Thanks for the tip but I do that already and it's still quite slow

What exactly?

Only update nodes and flows not complete deploys

Ah yes, sorry, I missed that your post was a reply to the earlier one.

Have you looked at top yet?

Sorry forgot to mention that. I did check and there wasn't anything that was eating up performance. Node red was the largest consumer at about 16%. I have another pi 3 I formatted and rebuilt. Done all the updates and launched node red. I was able to open the editor in a split second without any nodes.

Import your flow a bit at a time until the problem arises. Is it a massive flow?

At presents it's very small. It's a flow to control 3 ds18b20 temp probes and 2 relays. This is for a snake enclosure. Has a total of 4 dashboard nodes, 3 being guages and 1 text field.

I will use this topic as I have same problem:

I have recently attempted to update to node red 1.0 on pi 3b+ . I used the bash script to upgrade. After complete I start node red and when I attempt to open through local ip and server addresses but the pages gui won't load.
I have set static dhcp lease for rpi on my router.
I noticed that Nodered assigned diffrent ip that the Rpi, so I wonder is there a way i can correct that?
Mqtt and grafana are working, I just cant get to Nodered, because it changed the IP adress.

Any ideas?

It is a different problem, please start a new thread. When you do that explain what you mean by
"I noticed that Nodered assigned diffrent ip that the Rpi"
That doesn't make sense to me.

For example:
IP adress of the PI is and nodered was on this adress on the port 1883, but after updating nodered the IP of rpi is the same, but I can see that Nodered changed its IP to the xxx.240 (from the nodered log)
I hope im clear now

As I said, please start a new thread and post the log showing this.
Don't post it here.