Node-Red Guidance/Consultancy needed - funded work

Dear Node-Red community,

I'm writing looking for some guidance/consultancy/help on how to make the best use of NodeRed , as we begin to explore its potential in the open source healthcare field where we work.

If anyone with a good working level of experience with NodeRed is interested in such work, on a short term /part time basis (paid by hour/half/day rate) initially could you please message me directly via the direct Message facility in this forum

We would need someone who is experienced with the API development + JSONata + Redis storage aspects of the NodeRed tool.
To give a bit of background on our current state of progress you may be interested in this related thread.

Thanks in advance for help from this community


Dr. Tony Shannon
Director, Ripple Foundation

Did some checking out of your site, as while I'm not looking for work I'm always interested in seeing what other folks are doing in the field. Most of your showcase pages make mention of using REST APIs like openEHR. Have you put much thought into direct interoperability with legacy and emerging standards like HL7 and FHIR (since a lot of medical equipment vendors tend to go that route for native data export?)

thanks @JayDickson
Yes indeed our work towards an open platform in healthcare involves interoperability with other/legacy systems and we work with FHIR too , of course. We recognise FHIR has a role in getting data out of many systems while view the openEHR specification as being where the open platform movement is heading in healthcare.
You may be interested in some of our playlist to see the scope of our open source work, esp this video exploring how we use a very capable NodeJS based framework known as QewdJS to handle a wide variety of integration challenges, including this UI/FHIR/openEHR JSON transformation challenge.

We are interested in the related potential of NodeRed too, inc for API development/ JSONata transformation which is the basis of this enquiry.