Anyone using NodeRed as JSON API transformation tool?


Kudos to the NodeRED team for their innovative thinking, this appears to be tech with great potential.

Question please re anyone using NodeRED for JSON API transformation, eg with JSONata?
See related issue here;

FYI we are using NodeJS based technology in the healthcare domain and using a JSON mapping tool for the purposes of transforming between JSON API endpoints, see here

Wondering if others are using NodeRED for a similar purpose?
Would be most interested to connect if you are


Dr. Tony Shannon
Director, Ripple Foundation Ripple Foundation


Node-RED is used for many purpose :-).... it's a bit like digital gaffer tape. And yes certainly we do use it lot for interfacing with and adapting API of all sorts. The change node in particular does have JSONata built in specifically to help these sort of transformations of json payloads. The change node includes a nice tester that help you try the transforms with real data while you design your expression.

Indeed one of community members has created a load of recipes and there are other in the site

I can see why these recipes don't fit nicely into the "official" NR Cookbook, but it might be helpful to have a link to them at the bottom of the cookbook toc page. There are a few tasty ones that I wish I had known about sooner.

I had forgotten they existed, so no effort has been made to turn them into proper cookbook recipies. We certainly do want a good jsonata section in the cookbook - just needs someone to put the work in to make it happen.

Most helpful, thank you @dceejay

This tech strikes me as having lots of integration engine capabilities and at scale too.
Can I ask about the level of scale its proven in production at this point?

I note this old post which strikes me as likely to be outdated already..

Thanks again

My fault, I think that I'd intended to do that last year but I'm afraid that other priorities got in the way.

As an IT (and security) professional currently working in the NHS, I feel bound to point out that Node-RED hasn't had (as far as I'm aware) any formal security review. So its use in healthcare, especially with patient data should be treated with caution.

That isn't to say that I wouldn't be very happy to see it used - I'm already a supporter of open data and open source in healthcare. It is just that I am all too aware that enthusiasm for new approaches can often lead to a lack of attention paid to security - this is a constant source of pain in my day-job.

Happy to discuss in PM or directly if you like.

I perhaps should also have said that I have some updated examples on my blog:

More than happy for those to be adopted if they are of any use.

thanks for the helpful updates in your blog Julian, we should chat directly

(To address that aside issue, for other readers benefit I can say that as a medical doctor who has worked with the NHS & its IT for many years, I know that FUD has been a barrier to progress for long enough, esp so for open standards and open source, (fyi
So wouldn't want any more FUD to get in the way of progress/ put people off exploring the potential of innovative & collaborative tools such as NodeRed.
I take your security point of course, but have seen IG/legal/security concerns get in the way of healthcare improvement and we need to/do work through those issues... proactively..)

Thanks again for the help and the tips
Will ping you directly