Node red http in node with sensor data

I use http in node & post method to receive esp 32 data as in figure 1.
I am getting msg.payload in debug as in figure 2.

My requirement is to create two separate array to display in two gauges.
As an example in first gauge value should be 51 and next gauge value should be 29.
So please help me to convert above msg.payload values to two seperated arrays.
Thank you

Hi .. are you sure the data you show in the screenshot is coming from the Debug node and
that configuration of nodes ?

what you need is an Http-request node .. instead of the Http-in.

Hi.. yes that data show in debug messages and it is updating after few moments. So that I want to display that values in a two separate gauges as I mentioned earlier.
Surely I will try Http-request node.
Thanks for helping me.

It depends on the code you have written for the ESP32
You have written a program on it to make a POST request to
http://<node-red-ip>:1880/update-sensor ?
then check the code on your ESP why its sending the data fragmented.

if this is how you setup the communication .. then maybe it would be better to do the opposite
the ESP to be the Webserver and Node-red making requests to it with the http-request node.

Here is a nice tutorial of how to achieve that
ESP32 DHT11/DHT22 Web Server

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