Read data from http link


i have this link that contains data
like this:
so i want to display this data in gauge and chart on node-red
how can i do this ??



That looks like a JSON string representing an array of one string “24.000” – wiring the output from your http request node to a debug node will show you the data type and structure more clearly. Usually, when a service returns the data as stringified JSON, wire the output to a JSON node to turn it into a real Javascript Object. Then you can use a change node to move the array element into msg.payload, which is where the chart and guage will look to find the value to be displayed…

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This channel is for the development of Node-RED, this sort of question is better asked in #general

There’s a great page in the docs that will also be helpful:

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Good catch, Mark – I don’t even notice the categories yet, it seems… but he will probably want to use #dashboard instead