Node-RED in a large IoT project based on RabbitMQ

Good evening everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I've encountered an issue with Node-RED. I've been running Node-RED in a terminal or CMD, but the terminal occasionally freezes, which poses a significant problem for data collection. Would using Docker to run the Node-RED server solve this problem or not?

Additionally, I have another issue. I've used a RabbitMQ node. I've installed a local RabbitMQ server to receive data sent by Node-RED. The problem is as follows: when I send a frame containing the status of a pump, it only appears once in the debugger before Node-RabbitMQ. However, in the RabbitMQ server, we receive two frames, indicating a duplication of the frame. Can anyone help me with this issue?

OK a couple of things

  1. Why would you try and run node red from the commandline - thats just asking for trouble.

If it is under windows there are a number of ways to turn it into a service - but longer term a linux platform seems to be a hell of a lot more stable

  1. Is there a specific project need that dictates RabbitMQ rather than the more widely used Mosquitto ?

  2. I would usually use MQTT explorer to track the topics on the Mosquitto server and that would then let me track down what was going on with duplicated messages

I typically put all of my MQTT subs and pubs on a single page and then have link nodes to them as required - this gives me a logical place to go to troubleshoot issues as well as a single point to make changes etc.


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Just to say - I have run all my NR instances using a script to launch them in a terminal. It lets me see what;s going on without having to dig into logs.

I don't think doing this has lead to any trouble :slight_smile:

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I get the impression from his post that he is using it in some business process - so the normal recommendation there would be to run it as a service - usually on something headless


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