Node-RED in Industrial IoT: a growing standard

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we've recently published an article on the usage of Node-RED in Industrial IoT and how it is establishing itself against billion dollar companies.

It is currently not only used by large companies like IBM or Siemens, but also by thousands of researchers and hundreds of users in various manufacturing industries.


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thanks for sharing @JeremyTheocharis

We are one of the companies that decide to use Node-RED in our IIOT applications. Our industrial wireless gateway uses Node-RED, which provides a nice GUI for the users to control the ultra low power wireless vibration sensors and temperature sensors.

Node-RED saves time by bringing the product to the market faster. Users can modify the flows easily to fit their needs. When each customer has a different requirement, it is important to adapt quickly. Certainly, Node-RED has its limitations too, which we need to address in the applications.

As ever, we'd love to hear more about what limitations you run in to. I'm sure there will be some things we can improve based on your feedback.


I'm sure Node-RED have a brilliant future in Industrial IoT Applications.

As I already said a couple of times here in this forum, I'm suspect to talk about this topic because I work for ST-One, a company that uses Node-RED since it's first releases (more than 6 years ago). We even built a hardware with Node-RED embedded and this hardware is installed and running in almost 300 stations in over 15 different countries.

Of course we also contributed back to the community with some nodes like Siemens S7 , Ehternet/IP , OPC/DA , Micrologix PCCC , Atlas Copco Open Protocol , but most importantly we have also spread the Node-RED word in many many universities here in Brazil, to encourage students from many different areas to explore Node-RED and use it in their thesis and Universities Projects. Today we have a couple of hundreds of researches published every year that, at some point, have used Node-RED during the project.


We're using node red in our line of mobile ALPR/ANPR patrol vehicles here in the UK. Finally we can split traditional code development from functionality. Wrestling functions from hard-coded binaries into a designer user friendly form has been a game changer for us; we can test out process almost on the fly rather than waiting weeks or months for formal change process documents and coders to become available.


Thanks Nick. Node-RED has been amazing with a great community. I will provide some feedback down the road and hopefully can contribute a little bit.

I am going to give a talk on the Sensors Expo about our ultra low power sensors. I will use the opportunity to give a demo of our gateway software based on Node-RED and InfluxDB.

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