Node Red Install and Cleanup


We've been doing a lot of Node Red development with new nodes and flow development, and I think along the way I must have made some mistakes in the installation process. Node Red seems to function okay, but the deploy process takes 2-3 minutes to complete, and the chrome browser times out. I noticed using TOP that the CPU is maxed out during this process on Chrome.

The project itself is getting big, and eventually we will cut it up into physically smaller pieces, but I created a new project with an empty flow and it still has this problem.

I'm thinking this is a bigger problem related to node_modules or something else. I was doing some npm linking on a new node before this happened, but I deleted that node. I also cleared the cache and did the the sudo install of node-red again, and an npm rebuild. However, it still has this problem.

I'm thinking that I should reinstall Node-Red, everything is backed up on GitHub. What is your recommendation to clean up?

Thanks in advance.



What do you have the deploy button set to?

If it is 'Full' try setting it to 'Modified Flows'



Do you mean it takes minutes to deploy an empty flows file?
What hardware are you running on?
Post the node-red log from a restart, there may be a clue there.