Deployment of flow now takes a long time

Hi, I am developing a project by using node-red.

But today I encountered the issue that deployment of flow is too long unlike other days including yesterday.

I tried set trace level log of seetings.js and deploy only modified flow.

But No clues have been obtained.

I want to know in detail what happens in the process of deployment.

Thank you

when you deploy, what type of deploy are you doing?
Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 5.03.27 AM
It can make a big difference.

Also which versions of nodejs and node-red are you using, and did you add a new type of node or make some other notable change that could have caused the problem?

You should get trace log messages showing when the runtime begins stopping each node and when each node actually stops. The most common cause (although rare and usually a bug) for a slow deploy is a node hanging whilst stopping.

Using the trace log you should be able to identify which node of any is hanging.

I'm using the Modified Flows type. But There was no difference between the full and Modified Flow type.

I am using Node-RED of version 1.2.6, And Node.js of version 10.16.3.

I added only node-red-dashboard and node-red-node-mysql. I didn't make any custom nodes.

Thank you for your answers.

Suddenly, it was deployed without a long delay this morning. It appear to be a long-delayed deployment process due to the storage capacity remaining between 60 and 200 megabytes of the Raspbian OS for development. Will the low storage capacity in the OS affect deployment?..

If you are very low on space on the SD card then I think that may slow writes down, though I am not certain about that. Certainly the more space you have the longer the card will last as it will spread writes across the card rather than continually re-writing the same bit of the card, so it is a good idea to make sure you always have lots of spare space.

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation!

I've solved this problem.

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