Deploy too long

Hi since a few months when I deploy a flows it takes too long, about 25 secs. Does anybody know what could be the reason?

Are you doing a full deploy? Why not switch to "Modified Flows"?
Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 6.39.54 AM

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Oppps, that works fine. Solved!!! Thanks!

That hasn't really solved the issue - it just suggests one of the nodes you have in your flow is taking a long time to close when it's being stopped as part of a full deploy.

If you wanted to find out which node it was, you could enable 'trace' level logging in your settings file and then use the log output to see which node is taking the time.

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Thanks, you're right. Looking at logs I see that the node is blynk-ws:
14 Dec 22:00:43 - [info] [blynk-ws-client:NodeRedConnexion] Websocket closed: ws:// {"message":"manual disconnect","level":"info"}
14 Dec 22:00:52 - [info] Stopped flows
14 Dec 22:00:52 - [info] Starting flows
14 Dec 22:01:01 - [info] [blynk-ws-client:NodeRedConnexion] Register input node - type: write pin: 20
14 Dec 22:01:04 - [info] Started flows

Are there anything to do in order to reduce this time?


Hi @ramon2k10

that log doesn't tell you that blynk-ws is causing the delay - it just happens to have logged something.

As I said, you need to enable the trace level of logging in your settings file. You will then get log statements for every single node when the runtime asks it to stop and when it finishes stopping. Using that you will be able to see which is causing the delay.

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Hi @knolleary, how can I enable the trace level? Could you help me?

Edit you settings.js file (Node-RED logs the full path to the settings file on start-up).

Find the 'logging' section. Change the 'level' property to be 'trace'. Restart Node-RED.

Uoooo. At first I thought it was because of the wifi, then because of the sd card. I was desperate.

Thank you very much. Now it goes fast as the wind.