Looking for Suggestions on tracking down a deployment delay

Sometime several months back while I was busy juggling many things, I made some alteration to my Node-RED setup that results in a long (2-5 second) pause whenever I do a deployment. I am sure if I had attacked the issue right when it started it would have been obvious what I had changed. Unfortunately, I was so busy with other things that I lost that opportunity.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to track down what is causing this delay in the editing interface after a deployment?

I am hoping to avoid having to disable flow after flow until I can find it. Alternatively it is possible that it isn't a flow, but rather could be some node palette that I installed.

If you edit your settings file to set the logging level to "trace" then you'll get trace log statements for each node as it is being stopped and restarted.

Using that you should be able to identify which node, if any, is causing the delay.

Thanks for the guidance.
I am fairly sure now my issue was that I had made a large number of changes without updating and committing that in my Project History (a very bad habit).

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