Node-Red Installation Error

I'm trying to install node-red but this error appears every time.
What can I do?

That isn't an error, you can ignore it.

i know that isn't a error, but the node-red didn't open.

The error IS listed there, according to my google translate it is telling you that the shell command "node-red" does not exist.

To open node-red just type node-red in system32 that it starts when it is installed.
But it doesn't open because I can't install because of this error.

What do you get when you run

node --version


npm list -g node-red

When installed on Windows, the node-red install will create node-red.cmd and node-red.ps1 files in the global .bin folder. You should be able to see where those are with whereis node-red under PowerShell.

If that isn't being found, it implies that possibly node.js hasn't completed its installation correctly or possibly you didn't close and reopen the command line after installation. I've certainly had the occasional issue with that in the past.

Make sure that your path env contains C:\Program Files\nodejs\ and C:\Users\julia\AppData\Roaming\npm

Here are a couple of outputs from whereis for globally installed npm packages (I don't globally install Node-RED so I can't show that):

> whereis gulp
> whereis node-red-dev

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