I have problem with installing node-red pls can someone help me


First of all, please don't double post.

Exhibit A:

Your original post will get seen to, once a member of the community is free from commitments, and has time.

Now on to your issue:

I would start by not installing into global, if you plan on running this under your account.
therefore remove -g and whilst your at it remove --unsafe-perm and run with an elevated command prompt.


i don't know ow to update through glob-parent before 5.1.2 vulnerable to Regular Expression Denial of Service in enclosure regex · CVE-2020-28469 · GitHub Advisory Database · GitHub
or im i thinking wrong?


This was the issue - somehow your npm settings are wrong.

Hi Marcus, to install node-red on Windows. You don't need and should not use an elevated command prompt. Indeed, best never to use one of those unless there is no alternative. I've just tried in order to make sure I was steering you right and node-red installed perfectly well globally without an elevated prompt.

Also, the standard way that most people install node red is indeed npm install -g node-red --unsafe-perm.

So those were not the issue I don't believe.


I think it comes from my hate to install things globally - a little bias my end I think :sweat_smile:
But good to know on the elevated command

Oh, no. I absolutely agree with that! It's just that is isn't how most people have been told to install it.

As you may know, I even wrote a helper module - alternate node-red installer to help do consistent local installs :grin:

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Indeed I do :sunglasses:

can you think of any solution to maybe solve or try?

Can you try running these and let us know the output?

npm config get prefix And npm config get cache


Did you ever run npm config set prefix $env:ALLUSERSPROFILE\npmglobal
in CMD your self and not powershell - $env: is a Power Shell thing, and is usually substituted with the value it represents - not so the case in CMD

within CMD - what do you get with echo %ALLUSERSPROFILE%

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On my dev PC, I get C:\Users\myuserid\AppData\Roaming\npm which is what I'd expect. I get the same even if running from an elevated command prompt which, as I said before, you shouldn't be doing.

So I'm afraid that you've somehow borked your Node.js/npm installation.

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