Unable to update the Node-RED on win10


I'm having some problems with one of installed library so I decided to update Node-RED first.

Upon opening an elevated CMD I asked for a node version:

C:\Windows\system32>node --version && npm --version

Then I tried to update Node-RED by typing: npm install -g –unsafe-perm node-red.
The result came OK:

C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\npm\node-red-pi -> C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\node-red\bin\node-red-pi
C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\npm\node-red -> C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\node-red\red.js
+ node-red@3.0.2
updated 1 package in 16.747s

Then I exited the evelated CMD and run my .bat script and end up with that:

12 Apr 12:13:36 - [info] Node-RED version: v2.1.6
12 Apr 12:13:36 - [info] Node.js  version: v14.16.1
12 Apr 12:13:36 - [info] Windows_NT 10.0.19045 x64 LE
12 Apr 12:13:37 - [info] Loading palette nodes
12 Apr 12:13:39 - [info] mDashboard version 2.19.4-beta started at /mui
12 Apr 12:13:42 - [info] Dashboard version 2.30.0 started at /ui

Why it's still at 2.1.6?

First note: On windows, npm global is global to the user (not the computer).

So, it looks like you used the account "Administrator" which means you have updated node-red for that account.

How did you open the elevated CMD?

Personally, on windows, I always adjust NPM to set the global install path to something commonly accessible (e.g. c:\ProgramData) to avoid these types of issue. Better still, run Node-RED on a linux box (or inside WSL2 on your windows box :slight_smile: )

I got the admin pass from the IT dept :slight_smile:

I used the elevated version because I thought I wouldn't be able to install it without an admin pass as I can't the regular win programs.

Thank you

Or do what I do and install Node-RED locally rather than globally and avoid all that hassle.


If they did that in our organisation they would be out of a job immediately!

Its and admin pass only for my PC and its used only to make changes on my PC (to install programs). It lasts 7 days until it resets

Yes, we don't allow end users to have that at all :slight_smile:

I recently had to put in a complaint against a desktop support engineer who was onsite and installed some software that a user asked them directly for. We have a catalogue of allowed software and no manual installs are allowed (though we do allow users to install/run software that does not require admin rights).

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