Node-red is running twice on port 1880

Hi guys,

I'm really new at all this. I launched a EC2 Ubuntu instance to be able to run Node-Red on it. After installing it following the instructions and after setting up npm2 to auto-start on reboot, it appears that node-red is running twice on the same port preventing me to access it properly (Unable to listen / Error: port in use).

How do I kill one instance and make sure it's running properly?

Thank you,

Hi @jitrah,

you don't have to do anything.

The node-red process is the "32574" one and the other one is the "grep" that you did to find the process :slight_smile:

You can also have a look here :
on a way how to eliminate grep from showing itself.


If the instance is already running you cannot start another on the same port.

Do a "netstat -tunlp" to see if in port "1880" is already bind a node-red process. If it is you won't be able to bind another on the same port.

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