Node-Red Macbook M1

Does Node-Red run on Macbook M1? I am going to buy Macbook M1 but not sure if it runs Node-Red. Any suggestion?

We haven't had any reports that it doesn't. A quick search shows reports that node.js installs and works fine on it.

I unboxed my new M1 MacBook yesterday. Not got as far as setting up my development environment on it yet, but will do today.


Looking forward for your report.


I’m happily running node red on m1 macbook i am not using rosetta at all. Just the latest node.js version thats compatible with m1. Runs smooth without any problems.

One node i have previously installed (ngrok node) said its not compatible with m1 and refused to install. I didnt need it anymore so i removed it. Its a tcp tunnel software so it should not represent compatibility at all.

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