Support on custom Hardware


hi, im new to node red, before stepping in i would like to know whether node red supports on custom HW apart from arduino, pi, beaglebone… if i want to use some other MCs or MPs will i be able to install node red on that, if yes what are the basic requirements in MCs or MPs to run node red… ( Recently i have been learning Eclipse KURA, in that KURA can be installed on any hardware the only requirement is that HW should support java and OS must be Linux)



Well we require a node.js runtime - - so Windows, Linux, Mac, many embedded systems etc… - preferably node v8.x LTS version. If Linux then we prefer Debian flavoured ones such as Debian, Raspbian, Ubuntu as we are more familiar with them and can offer help more easily but others do work also.



thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: