Hardware compatibility

Hi, I'm writing diploma project and i need some information about how many microcontrollers i can program with Node-RED. I know that i can use Raspberry Pi, Arduino boards, Beagle Bones, and what about other microcontrollers?

Are you asking which micro-controllers can run Node-RED servers or are you asking which micro-controllers are able to interface with a Node-RED server on a micro-computer?

I'm writing about graphical enviroments for programming microcontrollers, so I'm asking about, idk, for which devices there are some libraries with Nodes allowing you to write some simple programms for them or is user able to write his own librabry compatibile with any device that he wants.

Node-red can run (just about) on a Raspberry Pi Zero. So it's safe to say it can run on any Linux server.

And it may be possible to run it on Microsoft and Apple operating systems too (if you really must)

A compiled/translated version can be run on ESP32 microcontrollers too so you don't actually need a computer with an operating system.

Yeah it runs on Linux as well as Windows natively and WSL2 and MacOS or Docker, I've even run it on a Jailbroken iPhone X

Note that the Node-red editor is web based. You can access the editor with a browser on any computer on the same network.
So I run Node-red on Raspberries with a command line operating system and edit the flows with a WIndows PC.

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