development in node-red


Good afternoon.

I would like to know if with node-red I can develop the application in windows and then load it into a rapsberry pi with linux and if you can as it would be done.

Regards, and thank you very much.



Many people do that or develope on a MAC and move the flow over to a pi. You will not be able to access th ePi specific nodes in wondows directly. If you search the foruns, I seem to remember there is a way to do that.

Personally, I just SSH into the Pi and start NR, then use the borwser on my Mac to access the node-red running on the Pi



I agree with Zeno. Developing on another platform then porting the flow just sounds like unnecessary extra steps.



Thank you very much for your responses.



Node-red is pretty slick! I've developed flows on the Pi using Chromium Browser on my Ubuntu desktop and later deployed them on an Android cell phone using Termux and Termux-api from the play store using export to clipboard and import form clipboard to move the flow from the Pi to the Android via my desktop browser. Its harder to describe than it is to do!

Only issue I'm aware of is that not every node is available on every platform so you have to work around the "lowest common denominator" in your flow design.