Is anyone using NodePAD on an ipad

I currently use node red on a raspberry pi. However, I thought it would be handy to be able to create flows on my ipad pro and then export them to my pi. I have not been able to figure out how to manipulate the editor controls, specifically wiring nodes. I reached out to the author and no reply.
If you have any info or can point me to a tutorial, I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Bob W

I used notepad when it first came out but have since tossed it away. It hasn't been updated since NR v1.08 and the creator has abandoned it. In my mind it is not worth it even if it was free.

You could look into powering a raspberry pi zero from the iPad and putting NR on the Pi then connecting to it. I've been meaning to do this for when I go on trips. (another thing on my todo list)

[UPDATE]I did a quick google search and here is a link to a YouTube video connecting a pi4 to an iPad:

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Thanks for your input. Actually, I solved my problem by tethering my iPad Pro to my raspberry pi 4 and running node red from there. Works very well.

Thanks again, Bob W

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