Create flow on Win10, send to Raspberry Pi


Hi Everyone,

I am just starting to learn Node Red. I would like to develop a flow on my Win10 PC and transfer the flow to a Raspberry Pi. Is that possible? If so, is there a good place to look up the procedure?

Thank you in advance.

Regards, EskiDad1



Once your pi is setup with Node-Red you can just use the same browser on you win 10 machine to access them both.
Then you can simply use the menu to export your flow from your win10 tab and then on pi tab use menu import to bring it in



Awesome! I will try it.

Thanks, EskiDad1



Yes, I develop things on my W10 dev machine all the time. As Simon points out, you can simply export/import across devices as long as you don't use a node that doesn't work on the other platform.

You can even reuse the actual flow file if you really want to - though only if not using any Pi specific nodes. Export/Import is generally the easiest way though.