Node-red ui load fails on raspberry pi 1

Hello, i have some flows written on windows 10 machine and i want to run those flows on my raspberry pi 1 model b+. Before i run those flows on the rp1 i have to make some changes(e.g change the path in file node). When i try to open node-red ui on the raspberry with firefox (as suggested) i am getting vendor.js not responding or busy error. Sometimes i skip the error and its working but still rp1 is extremely slow and firefox crashes. Can i use an rp3 to make the changes then swap the sd card to rp1 ? (Note: the final flows will run on the rp1)

Have you updated node-red on the pi using the technique in
If yes then post the output from node-red-log when you restart node red.

To answer the supplemental question no you can’t swap a sd card between Pi3 & a Pi1 as they use different processors.

Then how am i supposed to change the things i want from the super slow rp1 :confused: . The only solution that i see is changing stuff directly from the flows.json file that i have my flows.

Open http://<ip-of-pi>:1880/ in the web browser on your Windows 10 machine - avoid running a web browser on a Pi 1 otherwise you’ll be there all day.

You can export/import your flows…a bit of a pain but export all your flows on pi1, import them to the pi3 - make change - export from pi3 -> import on the pi1

or how about ssh’ing from the pi3 to the pi1 - copy the flows.json (using scp) edit and put it back.

or enjoy a nice cup of coffee/tea/beer while waiting for the pi1 to respond :grin:

The reason it is super slow and crashing may be due to the fact you have not updated node-red to the latest as I suggested. Though certainly don't try and run the browser on pi, run that on another machine as Nick suggested.

i have updated nodered of course via the update-nodejs-and-nodered command. I ll try @knolleary solution and i ll get back to you if i have problems.

@knolleary solutions works. I start thinking that i am dumb for not thinking that.