Installing Node red on Raspberry PI with Windows OS

Hello, I'm a newbye in Node red. I have here a Raspberry PI with Windows OS installed in it and I would like to install node red in it. My question is whether I should follow installation instructions for when you need to install Node red on Raspberry or for when you need to install it on Windows, as I'm not using the standard Raspberry OS

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Aside from the novelty factor... WHY?

You certainly are not going to be able to use many of the nodes for RPi (no GPIO etc) and reliability will be iffy.

You will probably have to be the pioneer on this one... Try both ways and let us know how it works out :slight_smile: I would recommend to start with the Windows method... as that is the OS running the show.

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So it's more like a coworker was trying to use this Rasp for another application and now I was going to try using it for doing something else. Why do you say I probably won't be able to use GPIOs with Node Red? That got me worried now lol

Yup... The RPi and it's hardware is built for Raspbian, or at very least another Linus distro of compatible type.

Tossing Windows on an RPi, while technically doable (in a limited fashion), is much like backyard hacking a ICE vehicle into electric... No water cooling, so no heater. No vacuum, so no native support for assisted steering, brakes, etc. Basically lots of work and workarounds. Worth it perhaps for a vehicle, but not on an RPi :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see, perhaps I'll try it with Wind and if it really doesnt work gonna get to the standard OS'. I dunno why my coworker installed Windows in it but probably for not being familiar with other OS' or for doing something with PLC programming . Anyways thanks for the heads up man

If you haven't got a good reason to run Windows on it then don't. It is easy to install raspbian.

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