This is a question about the Raspberry Pi

I know that Win10 installs python above

rpm install -g node-red-contrib-python-function

But I don't know if it is the same kit on the Raspberry Pi
I have tried installing this kit on the Raspberry Pi but the answer given to me by Shumei is that there is no such kit.

Hi and welcome.

Firstly what on earth is a "kit"? Do you mean "node for node red?"

Did you do a Google search for "node-red-contrib-python-function" ? I think you will find the top 4 answers are very relevant.

Most "nodes" (kits?) Can be found here... Library - Node-RED

I use it on windows rpm install -g node-red-contrib-python-function
But it can't be used on the Raspberry Pi.

What makes you think it won't work on a pie? The documentation says ...

## Install

Requires Python 2.7 installed in the system.

`rpm install -g node-red-contrib-python-function`

The fact it mentions rpm suggests Linux & thus RPi

@Steve-Mcl - you should edit your post - looks like you got bit by auto correct - rpm should be npm two places and pi not pie :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Actually I did mean rpm - it's what the article says...

I only glanced it and thought it was referring to the rpm package manager but think you might - looks like it's a typo on the article and should indeed be npm

Good spot.

Thank you, I will try it out recently.