Can't get node red to install on my rasberry PI

Trying to setup node-red (On Mac) and was wondering if anyone has experience with some of the issues of installing it on Raspberry Pi. I'm running the script and I appear to be having some issues with the Core package installation:

Stop Node-RED \u2714
Remove old version of Node-RED \u2714
Node option not specified : --node18 or --node20
Leave existing Node.js : v20.4.0 Npm 9.7.2
Clean npm cache -
Install Node-RED core \u2718
Move global nodes to local -
Leave existing nodes -
Install extra Pi nodes \u2714
Add shortcut commands \u2714
Update systemd script \u2714

Any errors will be logged to /var/log/nodered-install.log
All done.
You can now start Node-RED with the command node-red-start
/dev/fd/63: line 813: node-red: command not found
chown: cannot access '/home/empiric-device/.node-red/settings.js': No such file or directory

This is uncannily similar to the problem reported two days ago by Dan.

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Whoops! It was definitely the same problem. Dan and I are on the same time. Will go back to that thread. Thanks! :grinning: