Node-Red related questions

Hi there,

I have some Node-Red beginner related questions.

  1. Can I run Node-Red on Elegoo (it's similar to Arduino)

  2. Is it possible to run Node-Red on Windows or Virtual Machine to test nodes? In the past when I was importing other nodes from other users on PI3 they got messed up easily and had to run backups all the time, which was time waste.

  3. Does Node-Red allow to connect securely to the main dashboard /ui ? By securely I mean, safe with passwords etc.



  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Yes

It might be worth reading the docs as at least the second two are answered there…

How did you “import nodes from other users”?
Node-RED includes an option to “manage pallete” where you select from the nodes that have been published and Node-RED does the install for you.

@ghayne thanks for the info! Just wondering why it won't work on Elegoo or Arduino? I will check from the docs' Interacting with Arduino' perhaps it will work.

@ukmoose - I just copied their code in Node-Red which turned into nodes.. and usually if it contains loads of nodes it crashes or loads forever.

Another question, have any of you tried Node-Red In the cloud and can say it's much safer than the version on Pi3 ?

Simply because it was not written for the Arduino platform, which doesn't have the resources or the necessary interfaces like keyboard, screen etc.

In fact node-RED does not need a keyboard or screen. I run it on several Pi Zeros which don't have any UI peripherals at all. Everything is done via the browser or ssh. Also I see that node.js can run on an Arduino, but whether there would be sufficient resources to run even a minimal node-RED server is another matter.

None of the main Arduino boards can run node.js. The only board I know of that could just about run node.js was the Arduino Yun, but that isn't available these days (as far as I can see). Admitted their range of boards has grown since I last played with them regularly, but looking through them, I don't see any that run a OS that can support node.js.

@jordan the key requirement for whether a device can run Node-RED is whether you can install node.js on it. That will typically require it to run a linux operating system, rather than be an embedded controller as found on the arduino.

Node.js on an arduino ? Link please ! No arduino I'm aware of has sufficient resources to run node.js. You can certainly interact with an arduino using serial or firmata, and some folk have looked to run a cut down javascript called jerryscript on there, but not full blown node.js.

Using a Screen and keyboard :slight_smile:

Ah, it seems I was confused by the many articles such as the one below which at first sight seem to be suggesting that node.js is running on the Arduino. Having looked further into them however I see that I am guilty of promulgating fake news. Sorry.

I came across Low.js some time ago, but not clear to me whether Node-RED would be able to run on it anyway...

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