Is it possible? Anyone did do it ? Access to Node RED on Ubuntu Server

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my situation :
Once upon a time I had a simple experience. I have a raspberry pi3 . I install and configure ubuntu server, apache server, python, maria db on it. However, ı didn't continue to the project.

I must to learn use Node-RED on it but I don't deal apache server or another app for now. I want just install Node-RED on ubuntu server and configure a dashboard to track info of any sensor with any network protocol. I don't any idea is it possible ? However, I know the ubuntu server access is possible as ssh commands.

let's assume I installed Node-RED to ubuntu server through ssh connection. I didn't do it yet.

my questions:

  1. Can I access to it through on same raspberry pi what ubuntu server install on it without web server e.g. Apache ? So Is it possible just enter ip address on explorer on the remote computer what connected to same network with ubuntu server ?

  2. What is method of control GPIO on raspberry pi what installed ubuntu server?

I see some source about installing it on ubuntu server. However, I wonder configure Node RED from same server computer or another computers through internet explorer as remote control ?
Actually I want to continue learn Node-RED on ubuntu server. Or do you suggest me to start with Ubuntu desktop?

thanks your answer already.
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Yes, node-red has its own web server (express)


I dont know but if you use Raspberry Pi OS - AND - you use the official Node-RED installer script, it will ask if you wish to install PI specific nodes (for GPIO control)

My advise is to use the Pi OS on a pi, not Ubuntu. Why do you want to use Ubuntu? The Pi OS is available as a server version.

If you need to use Ubuntu the the Pi install script should still work, but I don't know whether the GPIO access will work.

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Ok, You are right that I should install Raspberry Pi OS and I should use Node -RED installer script. I will do the your suggest.
Thank you very much for your help. :pray:

Ok. Steve -Mcl made the same suggestion. Firstly, I thought that I don't need change my server system because I could use professional web services for all difficult missions in future but it enough that use Raspberry Pi OS for me. You are right that I should install Raspberry Pi OS. I will do the your suggest.
Thank you very much for your help. :pray:

And noting that both the Pi OS and Ubuntu are both based on Debian. Generally instructions for Debian will work with Pi OS.

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So is it mean that can I control GPIOs of Raspberry pi from Node RED same as Rasbian OS ?

I don't know. I suggest using your favourite search engine for how to access the gpio pins from ubuntu in a pi, then if it is the same as in the pi os then it should work.

Why do you want to use Ubuntu server? The pi OS server version is very similar in operation to Ubuntu server.

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Firstly you know UBUNTU is famous for another server app. I thought ı might not find driver for Raspian OS. mail , web, sms servers e.g.
But it isn't important for now. Thanks you helped me .

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