NodeRED Pre-installed Raspberry Pi powered HMI

Happen to find this NodeRED pre-installed Raspberry PI CM4-powered HMI from Seeed and think it would be a nice fit for my new control system, what do you all think? :face_with_monocle:or any other Node-red compatible HMI you would suggest me to try? Seems like Seeed is providing some tutorials for connecting this device with Nodered via RS485, MQTT and CANBUS.

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I would never buy a device with node red preinstalled unless I know that I will be able to update node-red, nodejs, and the OS.

We regularly try to help out users who find themselves with a system that they cannot upgrade. Often there is little we can do to help.

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I've had to deal with node-red update issues on Moxa systems - my workaround was to use Docker, as the system NodeJS cannot be upgraded (or some error to that effect).

emmm I see but why don't those device manufacturers provide NodeRED update guidance to users like us if that's the pain point? then which device with Node-RED pre-installed and with sufficient guidance that you would suggest me to try? I will also keep that in mind when searching the device for my project though. Thanks Colin for your advice :grinning:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: even the moxa doesn't provide nodejs upgrade tutorial or guidance? ok Docker works... i will keep that in mind, thanks Darren

We supply a series of ARM devices which pre-installed Node-RED.
OS:ubuntu 16.04

As discussed, most of such products could not support to any OS or node-version for now.Because supporting any version of OS needs a lot of work to complie and test.However we do supply linux uboot and kernel code for users to intergrate different rootfs and application software including node.

Moxa doesn't come with node-red, but the models we use are Moxa UC-8100 armv7 on Debian 9, a couple years old, and stuck on an older version of proprietary fork of Debian called "Moxa Industrial Linux". Because of this old version of Debian, a Python dependency of modbus nodes (very useful, essential in my line of work) refuses to install. Hence why we use Docker.

Not sure why we haven't tried flashing more recent Debian onto it, or if it's even possible. Or maybe my colleagues did and it didn't work, or warranty reasons? Of course, Moxa does not support upgrading the OS.

However, with more open systems like Raspberry-Pi-based, where you've got generic FOSS Linux, you should be fine.

yes I agree that's why I chose Pi solution at the very beginning, it's supported by the FOSS system. But Darren why your solution/company? stick to the moxa one if it causes so much trouble (like the docker one, the modbus node failed) ? is there any aspects that moxa outperform other schemes?

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cool but how much does it cost? i cannot find any info on google though

The price is from 899RMB to 1199RMB.We now sell on Taobao Alibaba only.

link here:
where to buy

Industrial control interfaces (RS485, etc. etc.) are built in to Moxa. I think that's why we use it. Otherwise it's a generic Linux box.

I've been researching HMI pre-installed with Node-RED and found out that Seeed did actually provide an OS update for their reTerminal DM, the tutorial seems quite useful for me at the first sight though

Surfing on the Linkedin and happen to find a Japanese Node-red advocator named Yokoi is also investing the reTerminal DM and provide quite detailed tutorial for it, love it! :grinning:

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