Node Red Midi to Virtual Piano

I'm working on a project that transfers MQTT events i to a virtual piano

did anyone have a examble flow to connect node red midi to a virtual piano ?

Did this post in your other thread not help: How can i use the node-red command line? - #5 by Steve-Mcl

Also, there are a few more midi packages on npm. This one looks decent and has node-js examples: jzz - npm

Remember, as i said in other thread, these are NOT node-red "ready" nodes but are node modules. You can install and use a regular node module in a function node by importing it in the setup tab of the function node.

See node-red docs on importing using a regular node module in a function node

@ steve-Mci,
yes the mentioned thread did help. i was able to install the midi input output... search now for a virtual midi connection flow

Are we talking about a module or did you install a node-red midi node?

Which node are you trying to use?

sorry for my bad english. . i have install the

works fine.... but a virtual connection to a sofware piano would helpful for my project.


Have you tried the built in example and read the built in help?


  • CTRL+I → examples → node-red-contrib-midi

to access examples

You will need a virtual midi driver in order to communicate between software on Windows.
This one is the most popular:

Note: loop midi (by the same author) might be easier:

thank you .... just installed . but found in Node Red Midi out no connection to the Virtual Midi Port (loopmidi)

Does it appear in the midi in ?

No ..... appear only a List with
Midi Through
RtMidi outpit clients

but not the in Virtual Piano selected loopMIDI Port

Did you try the node-red-contrib-midi-windows node ?
The original one is not maintained anymore sadly, it does work on Windows but perhaps the Windows specific one will work with Virtual ports ?

yes.... i have already the node-red-contrib-midi-windows in use.. try different settings without success at the moment

i tried to connect via UDP, now i realize . My Node Red runs on a external Linux/Ubuntu server, so of course Node Red can't use the Windows Midi ports. :dizzy_face:

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