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Hi all! We have just started in Node-Red and are currently creating a project play sound samples through the browser dashboard. Our equipment has an external sound interface installed (Gigaport HD +) that allows us to have 8 independent audio outputs. We would like to be able to send the sounds to each of these channels independently, since by default the sounds are mixed on channels 1 and 2, as if it were a stereo signal. Does anyone have any idea if it can be configured and worked with the other audio outputs? Thank you!

Can I ask why you selected Node-RED for this project?

It's part of a bigger project and Node-Red works very well for almost all we need. In the beginning the plan was different. The audio part was managed in a DAW (Reaper) apart, but we have seen that it would be interesting to be able to synchronize the audios with some of the Node-Red events, so we began to investigate this option. There would be another possibility: to be able to send commands to the DAW to play the audios, but it seems more complicated.

I think that will be the route you need to take.

Maybe this node will be of some use? "node-red-contrib-midi (node) - Node-RED" node-red-contrib-midi (node) - Node-RED

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Thank you, I will investigate it.

Hello, again! It seems that node-red-contrib-midi is discontinued and even is impossible or very difficult to install it.
I was reading about the OSC (Open sound control) and maybe it could works to comunicate Node-Red with Reaper too. But the problem is that I found very little useful info about how to use it and what can I do with this. Anybody could give me more info? Thank you!

Have you experimented with this node? ("A node-red node for playing audio in the browser" which seems to be what your project entails, according to your initial post).

There is a post in the repo issues where a user explains how he got it working...

Thanks, Steve but I had read this and I'm not using raspberry-pi

So what errors are you getting when trying to install? Might be something simple.

Node-red give me an error when I try to install node-red-contrib-midi. If I open the Log there's no info.

What device do you have node-red installed on?
What version of NR and node.js are you using (see nodered start up log)?
How are you installing the node? via CLI?

I'm installing it on a PC.

Ok, finally I got to make manage Reaper with node-red-contrib-osc via udp connection. I think it could be even more flexible than midi.

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