Node-red-node-annotate-image (enhancments)

Changes I've made - awaiting your approval to send pull request.

I love this node but it looks funny with the words inside the box.

I thought it would be so much nicer on the top

Then It needs to scale right so i took care of that

This Icing on the cake is I wanted it to tell if there was no room left on the top based on fontSize and lineWidth it should be able to put it on the bottom automatically..... now it does

But what if a user want to over ride the top or bottom. that is now coverd too.

  • labelLocation ( string ) : The Location to place the label. Default: top or bottom . If this propery is not set it will default to automatic

Let me know what you think. updated html / js / and

I have no problem with a Pull Request...

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Sent Pull Request -------> I'm in no rush on this. Its the holidays. you guys must be busy as hell juggling family and node-red.

If it gets forgotten I'll post again here Jan 15th-ish

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Now you've raised a PR there is no reason to follow up here. If your PR hasn't had any feedback from us by the 15th, then add a comment to the PR.

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