Node-red-node-email Nodemailer config

A number of years ago (literally) I made the below feature request regarding the Nodemailer config in the email node. Oddly enough for this group I never received a single reply. :hugs:

After all these years, the issue remains. Any chance of it getting added?

Here is a reply for you :wink:

I'm guessing there were not so many folk interested :man_shrugging:

If there are no takers, would you yourself be in a position to create a Pull Request? We can help direct you if you are unsure of what it takes.

Thanks for the reply :rofl:

Sure, I'll give it a go under some supervision. Will you be my teacher? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I wasn't sure whether any discussion needed to occur beforehand, so I didn't want to race off and do stuff only to find that that a reject notice had been slapped on me.

Consider this feedback the "ok" to do "something" 1.

Tools required/recommended:

  1. git
  2. vs-code (or similar)

General steps:

  1. git clone the node-red-nodes repository
    • git clone
  2. create a branch
    • git checkout -b add-nodemailer-options
  3. make your changes
  4. test you changes
    • cd .node-red
    • npm i /path/to/your/modified/node/
    • node-red
  5. add unit tests
  6. push your branch (use the vs code sync button - much easier than the command)
  7. raise a pull request against master

If any of these steps are unfamiliar, just ask :slight_smile:

1 "something": please stick to the task at hand. It would be wise to discuss your intentions in here before writing lots of code. For example: Are you intending on permiting "options" via the edit form? or via msg? or both? Which ever way you go, try to chose a familiar design pattern established by other nodes that accept options via the msg or node edit form.