Node-red-node-email more options for e-mail mta

Hi, I would like to add more smtp-server options to the e-mail mta node, to make it more 'production-ready'. I'm thinking about tls, authentication...
Is it a good idea to extend the e-mail mta node? Or is it better to create a complete new node in a new project?

If the existing MTA node can be extended without breaking existing users or adding huge pre-reqs then yes it would make sense to create a pull-request to extend the existing one.



I just made a pull request
I added security, authentication and all the options form the underlying smtp server as an 'expert' json configuration.
It is already running to catch motion events from a surveillance camera and it does the job!
Thanks for taking the time to review it.


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Excellent - thanks - added a couple of small comments

Thanks for the quick cooperation!
Any idea when the changes will be visible in npm? Is there some kind of a release schedule or is it done at hoc?

ad-hoc when I get 5 mins to double check the code.