Node-red-node-email tls check


we are trying to send notificiation mails inside our company. For that, we have an internal SMTP we can contact. While trying to send a new mail, node-red complains about not getting the local issuer certificate.

Error: unable to get local issuer certificate

We already searched about the created transport and there is an option to reject unauthorized connections:

 var smtpOptions = {
        host: node.outserver,
        port: node.outport,
        tls: {rejectUnauthorized: false} // line added by myself

With this option, I could send internal messages without setting any more insecure options like NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED.

Is there a chance to add a checkbox inside the configuratio for this?

Best regards.

Or happy to consider a pull request if you willing.

Added my changes into the node configuration and made a pull request. Would be happy if someone would review it, it is my very first change :slight_smile: